Nothing Violates This Nature


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Fraz I love the sound All Pigs Must Die have developed in this album. They still have hardcore roots, but this is a really heavy, technical metal album. I like the direction this band is moving in. Really recommend this album, well worth a listen. Favorite track: Bloodlines.
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released June 28, 2013

Kevin Baker
Ben Koller
Adam Wentworth
Matt Woods

Recorded and mixed by Kurt Ballou at Godcity
Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege
Artwork by Aaron Turner



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APMD Massachusetts

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Track Name: Chaos Arise
hail the pitiful lie
the parasite of man
the age of decay
and endless misery

chaos arise

the death of balance
can never be undone
idols smashed to bits
and cities reduced to ash

what man creates, man destroys
if it is built, then it will burn

the hour of great contempt
the arousal of disgust
scorn for scorn
no shepherd, one herd
desperate, enthroned kings
the privileged, model truth
the fruitful mother
of popular error
its many faces
its thousand roots
Track Name: Silencer
the lights go out
pulse never raised
god and man
the souls intersect
rope grips tight
burden the cross
arrange it wise

my will is all
to see reflected
in pleading eyes
clutch forgiveness
weakness divine

I am among you
as hunger grows
the life you're given
Is mine to hold

see you suffer
watch you die
your tortured ghost
has come to this
Track Name: Primitive Fear
starving for salvation
primitive mortal fear
bated breath it stalks me
filling space stopping time
ever present the shadow looms
convulsing and paralyzed
black earth take me back

soil of the birth giver
swallow it whole again
terror beyond the words
air drawn from bleeding lungs
total hatred owns my soul
so all is end, all is end
black earth take me back

the deathbed shakes
dimensions join as one
eyes slammed shut
praying for the descent
Track Name: Bloodlines
ignorant arrogant petulant
cultural ruination
social chaos universal law
sick parts of a sick thing
come all and bear witness
instinct breeds the butcher

there is a war
its a machine
it must run
in the truest
form of blood

kill in the name of divine love
all cut from the same bloodied cloth
arms wrap tight around the beast
binge of endless violence
from the cities to the sands
death rules over all
Track Name: Of Suffering
somewhere black clouds of smoke billowing 
it seems the nest of wickedness is in flames
mobs strip women penetrate them with their knives
starving fathers murder their brood for the meat
brutal campaign of mutilation, abducted and slain
clerics reflect the fury, staining blood to the streets
terror cloaked by religion kill in gods name
only death is lurking, creeping sickness awaits

do you wonder why god loves them?
do you know they take no blame?
the way they lie bears no guilt
hand in hand in all
who will win the war?
in gods name
Track Name: Holy Plague
iron dark imposing power
feral birth and taste for blood
the element that makes us
natures perfect killing machine
extinction has come for you
crime poverty disease and war
the mother will abort
now inherit the wasteland

hungry violent faced with ruin
monumental destruction
one will versus all

breeder of an ugly truth
unrelenting broken beast
myth created the master's law
and brings them to their knees
extinction has come for you
crime poverty disease and war
the mother will abort
and wipe it all away

hungry violent faced with ruin
monumental destruction
one will versus all
Track Name: AQIM Siege
oppress enslave
murder and rape
faith is death
atrocity is gods truth
nature empowers
then mankind devours
peace will never exist
Track Name: Sacred Nothing
man evolves and spreads like cancer
peace is terminal - effect is nothing
what is progress when outcomes fail?
the chaos enslaves - all beauty then dies
you exist for nothing
all alone in thrall to the void
yoked to the herd and feeding on the shit
belief attacks the truth
more vicious than the lies
now I shoot the hate into the open vein
you exist for nothing
Track Name: Faith Eater
belief is an instrument of deceit
a sham of thought or action
love of mankind is fatal
a great despiser distrust all

faith eater

to embrace the degenerate
is to abandon the predator
open the door to sacrifice
laugh at the open grave

faith eater

as lambs led to slaughter, writhe in it's voice
equally pathetic, blind and lost
the way is worn a million times over
now you must follow the herd

faith eater
drive nails into silence
drive nails into fire
Track Name: Articles of Human Weakness
nothing violates this nature
this nature violates all
honed by cruelty
we cling to humanity

existence an illusion
deep in the bowels of god
floating through the abyss
the prayers never heard

breeding parasites
sucking on a wound
engorged and shameless
blood is the overlord

we all succumb
starved diseased
reduced to nothing
crush bone to dust

all is lost
abandon all hope
sacred are the vicious